About Access

Based in Oakland County, Michigan, we pride ourselves on making our clients better. We don’t just provide you with tech support; we educate you to make you more successful. We are a premier source for 21st century computer information technology, serving as a reliable IT solution provider. We specialize in providing fast, reliable solutions for businesses in today’s fast-pace technology world.

Since 1995, we’ve been dedicated to providing clients big and small with the most powerful IT products, solutions and strategies that will make you more productive. As technology has advanced, so has Access Computer Technology. Today, we provide you with the access to put social media, Web 2.0 applications, video conferencing and mobile technology to work for your business.

Founded in 1995 as Miller Systems, we have gained a reputation over the years as the computer consulting company that gets you the results you need quickly. We have never charged our clients for phone support and we understand that your productivity stops when your computer isn’t working as it should. Today, we provide technology support to over 100 clients, from companies big and small to the individual with a home network. Technology progresses everyday and we want to help you make the most of it to be successful.


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