We’re Living in a Wireless World

3 07 2012

Welcome to the summer of 2012. Wow, things sure have changed since 1997, back when dial-up was king and 256 megabytes was more than enough. But things are different now; we have a lot of computers in our everyday life. We have smart phones in our pockets, iPads and more! What’s even crazier is that we found a way to connect all these computers together with wireless networks.

But what happens when your wireless network isn’t protected? People can access your computers and smart phones without your knowledge, putting viruses and malware that steal your personal information.
Access Computer is here to help you out! Using the latest and most up to date security systems to ensure that your personal computers are safe foreign intruders. We will build your network to keep intruders and your family safe. We protect your network with WPA2 High Profile Network Protection. Keep your computers and your important documents safe with Access.


How Wireless Works

Most people have a wireless connection set up by their cable company or Geek Squad. Many people don’t even know what all the boxes are that make their computer connect to the internet, there are 3 main components. The first is the modem, or the little black box that your cable wire plugs into. This is the main gateway to the internet, everything that you search for must go through this box. Usually its provided by your cable company, most  of the time it will be set up and forgotten.

The second device is your router, the device that broadcasts the wireless signal to your house. These devices will usually have antennas and plugs into your modem. Your router is where the protection happens, all the  security Access Computer puts on your network happens here. We’ll ensure that your network has the strongest security to prevent people from connecting to your network without your permission The last part of your network is your computer, iPad, smart phone, or other devices. These devices can communicate to each other through this network, sharing files and music. Systems like Airplay and Media Center work with this concept.


What’s the Difference Between Wireless G/B/N

When you were buying a router last you may have noticed something on the box that looked like “Wireless G Compatible”

An international wireless standard organization creates different standards for every incremental update Wireless Technology gets. Wireless N is currently the newest and faster wireless standard, all new computers bought in the last 5 years will be compatible with Wireless N. Wireless G and Wireless B are slightly slower and will not be able to handle more than 10 devices on the network at once.

Access Computer Technology highly suggests that you upgrade your router to Wireless N Technology for the best network performance. Access of course will also happily set up your new router and protect it with the highest security.