Analytics and Insights for Personal Facebook Profiles

7 09 2011

We do a lot of research on the analytics of Facebook pages by reviewing the Insights section that Facebook provides. But we were thinking… wouldn’t it be great if Facebook provided Insights for personal Facebook profiles too?

As we looked around the Web to see if any third parties were offering such analytics or if Facebook was hinting at a future announcement about personal Facebook profile analytics, we came across this interesting blog post. Kevin Warhouse of StringCan Interactive blogged about this exact innovation. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

Facebook Insights and Analytics are a fantastic tool for businesses and brands using social media to engage with fans. They provide great insight into how users interact with your page and can help indicate what content is best received. While there is no doubt how powerful these tools are for businesses, wouldn’t it be great to see these same resources available to personal profiles on Facebook?

In a previous post I have covered the many tools within Facebook Insights that can help you set goals and measure them for your business page. I think that the majority of these tools such as Inline Insights, Page Views, and Demographics also have great potential value for personal accounts. Wouldn’t you like to know more about your friends and followers as a whole and be able to better determine which content you post from your personal account is best received?

Often it seems that my friends on Facebook will read links or watch videos that I post and not comment on them. It would be interesting to see what content is really preferred despite what the comments and likes may say. If I was able to see information about how each status update, picture, or link was interacted with I would know what my friends are most interested in me sharing.

In the days before Facebook had taken off to be the social sharing center it is today, MySpace used similar personal analytic metrics that allowed users to see how many views they had received on their profile or pictures. While Facebook does not currently offer any sort of personal analytics like this, the desire from users is certainly still alive. There are already many successful third party apps and websites that can calculate certain metrics such as who your most active friends are and what your friends demographics look like. These apps and websites stand as a clear sign to me that Facebook users are interested in having access to this kind of data on their personal profiles.

Facebook is all about connecting people and allowing them to share the things that are important to them, but recently they have taken a turn towards creating a more valuable and customized experience for users. By monitoring activity and spotlighting the content that individual users are most interested in and find most relevant, Facebook has created a more personalized environment for people to be social. Facebook already has algorithms in place to calculate top news for each individual user based on the amount of likes and comments you post on your friends updates. I think there is a great possibility that moving forward this will be taken to the next level by integrating the users total interaction with pages beyond just likes and comments.

It really would be helpful to know just how active ones Facebook profile was and the type of interaction taking place on the profile. Imagine how we could use that type of analytical information.




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